Composting Resources

Mr. Fox Composting’s goal is to make a big difference by getting more people to toss their organic waste into a separate container.


How Does Composting Work?

From that organic waste we will create the best compost around. Mr. Fox Composting is regulated by the state of Maine Department of Environmental Services.

Resource Library

The Mr. Fox team has gathered resources to help in your compost journey.

Questions about Compostable Products? We accept anything BPI Certified.

The BPI Certification Mark indicates the end-of-life opportunity for a compostable product. BPI Certification guides manufacturers in designing items, understanding what ingredients they can use, and how to make an independent compostability claim that consumers and composters can trust. The BPI Certification Mark helps consumers to identify and trust that an item is compostable and can be diverted with food scraps where programs exist. Composters are able to identify and trust that certified products mixed with food scraps and yard trimmings will break down during the regular composting process and will not negatively impact compost quality.

Soil Types

We work hard to produce top quality compost and soils to help make every landscaping project a success- large or small.

Food Waste Compost

Food waste compost is a soil amendment that improves texture, air circulation and drainage for plant growth. Compost helps moderate soil temperature, enhance nutrient and water-holding capacity. It can also help decrease erosion, inhibit weed growth and suppress some plant pathogens. We create our nutrient-rich compost from locally collected organic waste. Applying this product serves as a way to enhance any landscaping project, lawn, garden bed, or houseplant and is just plain good for the environment. Food waste compost is alive! While our process always remains the same, weather conditions and the time of year can affect the texture, consistency and odor. We regularly send our compost out for analysis to ensure a  consistent high-quality product.

Mr. Fox Magic Soil

Our own nutrient-rich organic compost is blended with two types of locally sourced sub-soil; coarse sand,& native soil, to create our Magic Soil blend  Mr. Fox. Magic Soil is screened through a half-inch Trommel Screener (TM), leaving us with a consistent blend of nutrient rich soil. This product is perfect for landscaping, lawns, and gardening. The mixture helps plants receive the nutrients they need from the compost, while providing a foundation for all your growing needs. Landscapers, farmers, gardeners, and growers use Mr. Fox Magic Soil to ensure proper drainage, aeration, and to assist with root structure and support.

Custom Soils

Mr. Fox is able to create custom soil blends with our compost. We are happy to work with you to create the right custom mix for your needs!