Composting Resources

Mr. Fox Composting’s goal is to make a big difference by getting more people to toss their organic waste into a separate container.


How Does Composting Work?

From that organic waste we will create the best compost around. Mr. Fox Composting is regulated by the state of Maine Department of Environmental Services.

Soil Types

We work hard to produce top quality compost and soils to help make every landscaping project a success- large or small.

Mr. Fox – Magic Soil
A locally sourced product. Mr. Fox’s nutrient-rich, organic compost is blended with two types of locally sourced sub-soils, coarse sand, and native soil. Mr. Fox Magic Soil is screened through a half-inch Trommel Screener™, leaving us with clean and pure black gold. This product is perfect for landscaping, lawns, and gardening. The mixture helps plants receive the nutrients they need from the compost, while also providing a foundation for trees and plants to grow solid root structures. Landscapers use Mr. Fox Magic Soil to ensure proper yard drainage, maintain landscape aeration, and assist with tree root structure support.

Mr. Fox – Compost
This is our nutrient-rich, locally sourced, and organic compost. This product serves as a way to enhance any landscaping project and provide plants with the nutrients they need to grow big and strong. It also works well for potted plants, herbs, or as a bark mulch substitute.

Mr. Fox – Custom Soils
Mr. Fox is also able to create custom soils with our compost. We are happy to work with you and create a custom soil mix for your needs!