10 Years And Counting...

It’s the passion we have for composting and saving the planet that makes us able to continue to push forward and provide these services to our customers. Each day presents a new challenge but in the end it’s worth it. What Mr. Fox is able to divert from a landfill weekly makes us so proud and push even harder to keep growing!


Compost Matters!

Mr. Fox’s motto is simple, Compost Matters! We believe that the future of our planet is dependent on our communities changing small habits. Composting our organic waste is an easy way to make a difference in the waste stream. Mr. Fox is here to help communities turn small habits into big impacts one bin at a time.


The Mr. Fox Family

We started over ten years ago with the goal of providing composting service along the New Hampshire and Maine seacoast. We have come a long way since we started. We have been steadily expanding our commercial, residential, event and compostable product programs throughout many towns. Additionally, we are growing as a company, hiring more drivers, adding new trucks and implementing new technologies to make us as efficient as possible.


Proud Member of Real Maine

Real Maine is a program of the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. It connects people with Maine farmers and food producers. By sharing their stories and giving consumers access to authentic Maine farm products and experiences, we are supporting a sector that is an essential part of the Maine economy, regional food system, and the quality of life Maine people enjoy.

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